Get $500 Cash.  Get an Infrastructure Job.

Workonomics Delivers Win-Win

To the current economy, just add targeted incentives on steroids...

... and the fully combined results are truly amazing, including easily paying for every new tax credit that Congress has prior provided, plus: solves the entire Student Debt crisis, immediately adds $60B/yr onto the Defense Budget, rehabilitates every single K-12 school in America, repairs and also modernizes our nation's infrastructure within eight years via 50M+ new jobs created, sustains 5-8% GDP growth over several years, eliminates insolvency threats to the various trust funds, finally ends hunger in America, solves the majority of homelessness, and more...

One Bag + One Service + One Form = $500 Reward

200 million American adults will each receive their $500 reward payment from the federal government upon completion of their three (3) required steps.

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50 Million New Jobs Cures 18 Infrastructure Needs

In eight years, all of America's infrastructure will be revitalized by converting student loans, entitlement payments, and more, all into jobs hiring incentives.

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Major Problems Used to Correct Each Other

It is clearly unsustainable to have a country where one quarter of all the people are receiving benefits from the government.  Tens of millions of people are desperate for work.  Most welfare recipients cannot make ends meet.  College students are financially trapped in their parents' homes.  Some $5.1 Trillion (28% of our nation's entire GDP) is spent annually on all federal, state and local "entitlements" combined, but without getting anything back in value, not to mention 12% ($600B) of those massive payments are totally wasted due to bad data/information, yet meanwhile our nation's infrastructure still crumbles apart, costing many billions more in lost productivity.

Earn $500 in Three Easy Steps


Costs $100B one-time to put an extra $500 spending cash into the hands of 200M consumers, which produces positive ripple effects everywhere, besides immediately saving America $450B annually in data cleanups of all government entitlement payments.  Generates $5B in extra donated food, eradicating all hunger nationwide.  Revitalizes every single public and private K-12 school across America.


One Bag of Food

Donate $25 of non-perishable groceries at any already-established and recognized food bank participant (local churches, schools and similar).  Learn More

One Local Service

Schedule and complete your volunteer local community service stint.  If you are a K-12 parent, you may reserve assignment at your child's school.  Learn More

One Simple Form

Complete and bring your personal information form, with photo ID, to any nearby participating governmental office counter to process your reward.  Learn More



The Entire $4.6 Trillion Plan + 33.3% More

Takes the entire American Society of Civil Engineers nationwide report of all infrastructure deficiency needs, adds 33.3% more total investment, plus two new categories (Telecommunications, Military Assets), in an eight-year repairs/modernization plan, and rolls out incentivized jobs packages for millions of ** STUDENT LOAN DEBTORS ** WELFARE RECIPIENTS ** MILITARY VETS ** AND MORE **




Team American Dream:  Growth for All!

Meet all eight (8) Members of your new Team American Dream, who will implement and direct both the Rewards Program and the Jobs Program detailed on this website.  The President or his designee shall attend meetings to keep the President informed, and to vote any rare tiebreaker.  Team American Dream shall consult with any/all persons as appropriate.  Hover-click-tap any image for more details:



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