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50M New Jobs Program - Student Loan Debtors:  Some 44 million American student loan borrowers owing a combined 1.3 trillion dollars in debt are each eligible to take advantage of this infrastructure jobs hiring incentive.

New Jobs and Careers of Every Type Available:  See the full Jobs Program details page for more, but the point is that under just the 18 different major infrastructure fields alone, there are already an endless variety of sub-fields and specializations available, along with more traditional supporting roles, not to mention an infinite array in types of "feeder" businesses that will sprout all over creation as various supply chains for each of the 18 major infrastructure fields, hence no matter where you live in America, you will probably find that more than one of your dream job positions becomes available right in your own local area, i.e., not only millions of new jobs across our nation, but that also naturally will include a very wide variety in types of jobs and careers available.

Calculating Your Incentive Amount:  Regardless whether you have one or more student loans, take your total of principle balance currently owed, not interest or any other amounts, but the principal only, and divide that total current principle balance owed by either 10 years, by 120 months, or by 520 weeks, to arrive at your yearly, monthly, or weekly infrastructure jobs-hiring incentive amount, or calculate bi-monthly or bi-weekly amounts in the same 10-year-total manner. This will be the exact "tax holiday amount" you offer to potential employers to hire you in relative preference over the average equivalent candidate without any such incentive, i.e., the amount of your regular salary/hourly pay that will be incentivized as non-taxable income for both you and your new infrastructure employer for up to two (2) years. See the jobs program details page for more information. For example, if the average student loan debtor now owes $36k in principal debt (current average reported statistics), then $36k divided by ten years comes out to about $300/month or about $70/week as the "tax holiday amount" that the subsidized student loan debtor job applicant can offer, along with his/her relevant job skills and experience, strongly increasing hiring preference by the potential employer.

Application of Incentives:  Your tax holiday amount is exactly that - for both your employer and for you, regarding the FICA taxes that both you and your employer contribute equally (7.65% each) on the regular income the employer pays you. For you personally, the goals of this jobs program are three-fold: (1) getting you quickly engaged into the nationwide infrastructure repairs work force; (2) increasing your personal income which raises positive ripple effects for the general tax base and all consumer goods and manufacturing industries; (3) while also allowing you to directly, efficiently and reliably pay off your student loan debt, benefitting the value of our U.S. Dollar both domestically and internationally. Therefore your employer will still withhold that same 7.65% "employee portion" amount from your paycheck, and if needed, an additional amount to make up the difference for one regular monthly student loan principal-only payment (per the divide-by-10-year rule above), the employer will treat all of that withheld amount as "pre-tax" (non-taxable) income, hence this also lowers your overall yearly tax bill, and the employer will still forward that appropriate regular earmarked "student" amount into the federal IRS, as it does for FICA taxes paid upon the rest of your (reduced taxable) income, but then the federal government transfers that earmarked payment to the corresponding big-bank lender of your student loan on behalf of paying down your student debt. Furthermore, for the same duration of your tax holiday (up to two years, see details), the employer also gets to waive (keep) its own corresponding 7.65% share of the FICA taxes on your particular tax holiday amount, which is a strong incentive to hire you. Lastly, both you and your infrastructure-approved employer get waivers from the ObamaCare penalties (up to two years, see details), meaning that the employer gets a "41 Hour" waiver, increasing the current threshold for mandated employer-provided healthcare coverage for any employee working 30 hours per week, up to a new temporary relaxed threshold pertaining to you personally of 41 hours per week, i.e., the employer may now hire you for a full 40-hour work week without having to be forced to also pay to provide healthcare coverage for you, and you also get a waiver for that year of the ObamaCare individual penalty so that your own healthcare decisions can be voluntary without threat of serious financial punishment. Make no mistake with this jobs program, as many employers, especially larger companies, will continue to offer healthcare plans to attract, and more importantly, to retain, their work forces. However, this program will alleviate the pressure and burden on small businesses to dramatically increase their hiring and company growth, which will be needed to support explosion of all such "feeder" industries for each of the 18 major types of infrastructure repairs and modernization targeted. You win all the way around, your employer wins big (and loves you for it), and America wins nationwide, with new infrastructure repairs everywhere, tens of millions more consumers earning more and spending more, and shoring up a strong and revitalized tax base which solves a myriad of economic issues to the healthy benefit of every American future.

Note:  Team Trump may yet further tweak any program aspect, such as considerations for waiting periods, frequency of program availability, income and/or debt thresholds, and/or whatever else may enhance creation of jobs, household incomes, and other goals.

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