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50M New Jobs Program - Welfare and Certain Social Security Recipients:  Your regular assistance total is your infrastructure jobs hiring subsidy and key to an immediate job or career, with a better standard of living.

Eligibility Parameters:  All recipients of federal, state and/or local "means-tested" assistance/benefits ("welfare") are eligible for this program. Recipients of Social Security retirement benefits still under the age of 65 on the date of hiring are eligible for this program.

New Jobs and Careers of Every Type Available:  See the full Jobs Program details page for more, but the point is that under just the 18 different major infrastructure fields alone, there are already an endless variety of sub-fields and specializations available, along with more traditional supporting roles, not to mention an infinite array in types of "feeder" businesses that will sprout all over creation as various supply chains for each of the 18 major infrastructure fields, hence no matter where you live in America, you will probably find that more than one of your dream job positions becomes available right in your own local area, i.e., not only millions of new jobs across our nation, but that also naturally will include a very wide variety in types of jobs and careers available.

Calculating Your Incentive Amount:  To calculate your infrastructure jobs hiring incentive amount, simply combine the total of all of your regular types of "welfare" assistance received, and/or regular Social Security (if under 65 years of age), and just convert all that into either a weekly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly or monthly standardized, average amount of total overall current assistance received, depending upon what payment cycle your prospective infrastructure employer uses, i.e., so that you can speak in the same terms (via job application, interview, etc.) as your possible new employer.

Application of Incentives:  Your standardized current assistant amount is the "discount" amount for your employer to consider in hiring preference over somebody else. For example, consider an infrastructure company that has a particular job position they need to fill, and so they have an active job posting or classified ad stating they will pay $52,000 per year for the right candidate with certain kinds of experience and so forth, and that company pays all of its employees on a regular weekly basis. Example "William" receives housing and electricity-bill benefits in the amount of $428 bi-monthly (on the 1st and 15th of the month) and receives food stamps (SNAP card) in the amount of $57 every week. Since "William" wants to speak in terms of weeks because his hopeful new employer pays weekly, he converts $428 bi-monthly (twice, monthly) housing/electricity assistance received into the corresponding $197.54 weekly amount, and adds the $57/wk for food stamps, to offer the hopeful employer his "discount" amount of $254.54 per week. At $52k/yr, the company expected to have to pay $1000/wk for an appropriate worker in that position, like example "Mike" who also applied for the job. "Mike" even brings a little bit more overall experience, but he has no Jobs Program incentives to also offer. The company decides that even though "Mike" has the slight edge in experience or skill, the huge 25% temporary discount on labor costs for the company that "William" is able to offer them for the next couple/few months (until his government assistance benefits expire like normal) more than makes the difference in their hiring decision, so "William" gets the job, instantly raising his standard of living, and the lucky company only needs to pay "William" about 75% of his regular weekly salary for the next couple/few months, and then when his assistance benefits expire, the company finally begins paying "William" the full salary amount like normal. During that initial discount period, the company actually wins twice, because of also-reduced FICA tax contribution shares.

Social Security Recipients Under 65:  Because Social Security retirement benefits never actually expire like welfare assistance, that "discount" amount portion also never expires until the end of your "tax holiday duration period" per the "Tier" priority level assigned by infrastructure category of your new Jobs Program employer, which is up to two (2) full years for all "Tier 1" infrastructure jobs. See the full Jobs Program details page for more information.

Waiver of ObamaCare Penalties:  Further, both you and your infrastructure-approved employer get waivers from the ObamaCare penalties (up to two years, see details), meaning that the employer gets a "41 Hour" waiver, increasing the current threshold for mandated employer-provided healthcare coverage for any employee working 30 hours per week, up to a new temporary relaxed threshold pertaining to you personally of 41 hours per week, i.e., the employer may now hire you for a full 40-hour work week without having to be forced to also pay to provide healthcare coverage for you, and you also get a waiver for that year of the ObamaCare individual penalty so that your own healthcare decisions can be voluntary without threat of serious financial punishment. Make no mistake with this jobs program, as many employers, especially larger companies, will continue to offer healthcare plans to attract, and more importantly, to retain, their work forces. However, this program will alleviate the pressure and burden on small businesses to dramatically increase their hiring and company growth, which will be needed to support explosion of all such "feeder" industries for each of the 18 major types of infrastructure repairs and modernization targeted. You win all the way around, your employer wins big (and loves you for it), and America wins nationwide, with new infrastructure repairs everywhere, tens of millions more consumers earning more and spending more, and shoring up a strong and revitalized tax base which solves a myriad of economic issues to the healthy benefit of every American future.

Note:  Team Trump may yet further tweak any program aspect, such as considerations for waiting periods, frequency of program availability, income and/or debt thresholds, and/or whatever else may enhance creation of jobs, household incomes, and other goals.

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