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Step 3 of the $500 Rewards Program - Personal Data Form:  The primary reason this entire Rewards agenda exists is to save America at least $450B annually by cleaning bad information out of all government payments systems, which represents a mere 75% success regarding an estimated $600B+ in total government waste due to bad information.

Types of Form Questions:  The personal data form itself will include a reasonable blend of questions anyone might expect upon credit applications, renters or mortgage applications, job applications, and/or the periodic Census forms.

Alleged Privacy Concerns:  Again, this program is mandatory for many American adults, and voluntary for all the rest, as mentioned upon the Rewards overview page, but strongly encouraged for all to participate. Government has a clear right to ensure that every single payment it makes to any individual name is a proper payment to the proper person for the proper reason in the proper method, and that clear right extends well past welfare and entitlement payments, to pension payments, medical care payments, or any other tangible or intangible benefits provided. Moreover, after a few decades of the digital information age transforming so many aspects of our very lives, while your expectation of physical privacy rights has thankfully remained still fairly stable all these years, your privacy rights related to personal information are like a hat that flew out of the window long ago, like the spilled milk all over the floor that can't possibly go back into the broken glass bottle. In a digital age when the NSA, the IRS, and other federal agencies know everything there is to know about you several times over, when state and local governments already know plenty about you, when Google, Facebook, Yahoo and other social media giants know everything about you several times over, when both of the two main political parties know about you already, when dozens and dozens of large global corporations know lots about you already by your shopping and payment habits, when countless debt collection agencies know everything there is to know about people across America, when advertisers and other information-traders have sold and forwarded your personal information to so many others in uncounted ways, and when even unfriendly foreign states like Russia, China, North Korea and others have obtained so much information upon so many American citizens, not to even start mentioning the raw digital mess of quite a number of all these entities hacking each other, back and forth, and even more than once by now..., the new paradigm and reality, like it or not, is not so much in protecting your personal information from ever being revealed to any entity at all, but is now in true top priority, to simply ensure that whatever information that might be contained or obtained by any entity is actually and absolutely accurate, containing no data errors whatsoever, and is also attributable to you, to ONLY you, and is further only accessible to legitimate entities via ALL of your true and current "key" information in simultaneous combo, like your real home address, real telephone number, real age/gender/race/similar, and/or etc., along with the pertinent account data presented for any access verification.

True Fraud vs. All Bad Information:  Sure, a smaller portion of the entire amount of waste committed upon our governmental payment systems every year is due to actual criminal activity, like ID thefts used for actual "fraud" upon the system, stealing payments via using dead people, and similar, but the majority of all such waste is due simply to various bad forms of digital data out there, whether outdated information, outmoded information, duplicate information, stale and stagnant information, an infinite variety of clerical error types, and so forth, plus the worst of all - data records that contain both partially true and valid information along with partially Incorrect and invalid information, for these are the abhorrent kinds of faulty data records that so often mistakenly allow so many other data errors to sneak by unnoticed, in the first place... In the new digital paradigm and reality, your true top priority is to make sure that every level of American government, every U.S. domestic credit bureau, every company that you have an active account with, and even your employer, are all completely "flushed clean" of any inaccurate personal information about you, and retain/use ONLY your actual true data for any and all current and/or future purposes. You need to have all these entities completely audited from top to bottom with any respect to your personal information, also forever shutting out any possible data access from all other entities and their still-bad information.

Automatic Nationwide Audit Services:  This free nationwide auditing and cleansing process of all your personal data is exactly the point, and the goal, of this entire Rewards Program, primarily to save America at least $450B of the current $600B or more being wasted by all government payment systems, but also with the byproduct of assisting you personally in your own information data security and the daily needs of life in general. Government will make the standard personal data audit form available upon multiple websites, and after completing the form, you will simply bring it, with photo ID, to any nearby forms collection facility assigned by government, such as license branches, unemployment offices, and/or similar, who will provide you with a submission confirmation receipt, and forward in your submitted form to process and issue out your rewards payment, most likely via either the established IRS and/or Social Security mass payments systems. Like almost all tax refunds, Social Security benefits, welfare and other entitlement payments are handled nowadays, direct deposit information to pay your rewards will be reasonably expected for inclusion upon your personal data form submitted, else the federal government may deduct a standard $25 handling fee amount from your rewards for processing a physical check out to a physical address. See the full Rewards Program details page for more information.

Note:  Team Trump may yet further tweak any program aspects, such as considerations for waiting periods, frequency of program availability, income and/or debt thresholds, and/or whatever else may enhance the growth of jobs, household incomes, and other goals.

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