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Step 2 of the $500 Rewards Program - Local Service:  For most areas of America, the required Step 2 local volunteer service stint will be two (2) hours. However, within certain disaster areas of the country, your Step 2 community service stint might be three (3) hours total for $550 rewards, or four (4) hours total for $600 rewards.

Service Stint Assigned by the Food Donation Location:  The actual date, timeslot and location of your Step 2 community service stint will be determined and assigned by the Food Donation Location at the moment you donate your food items. The vast majority of approved Food Donation Locations are some, but not all, neighborhood churches, and most, if not almost all, public and private K-12 schools. Regardless of entity type, every approved Food Donation Location will be automatically allowed to retain, in return for its administration time and trouble processing people and food donations, up to 20% of all corresponding volunteer service labor scheduling towards benefitting either its own facilities and/or hosting local public service events within its own reasonable discretion. The other 80% of all Step 2 volunteer service scheduling by that Food Donation Location will be appropriately divided and assigned towards local revitalization projects as pre-determined by local government leaders. Most churches will be hard pressed to actually retain and use anywhere near a full 20% of their volunteer labor force, and so they will typical redirect well over 80% to government-designated projects. This 20% limit applies to all other recognized Food Donation Location entity types (charity food pantries, etc.), but does not effectively apply to K-12 schools, after all is said and done, see below for more details.

Included Types of Community Revitalization Projects:  Generally speaking, if the Food Donation Location is located within any recognized city or town limits, that list of community service projects will be as determined by the city or town leaders, otherwise that list of revitalization projects will be as determined by the leaders of your county or county equivalent. However, local government leaders may certainly work with each other to form coordinated plans most efficiently serving their entire area.

Parents of K-12 Schoolchildren May Reserve Assignment:  Regardless of your local government leaders' plans for all other revitalization projects, adequate and reasonable coverage for renewal of every public *and* private K-12 school must be included as each local area's highest priority in all assignments of community volunteers within this program. If you are the father or mother (or legal guardian) of a K-12 student, and bring any reasonable proof of that fact with you to the Food Donation Location (i.e., school letter, school ID card, or any reasonable confirmation), you may reserve assignment of your local service Step 2 stint to be done at that same K-12 school, as long as that K-12 school (public or private) is a recognized Food Donation Location (as virtually every K-12 school is), and that K-12 school is the Food Donation Location you actually visit to donate your food items at, because the Food Donation Location does the service stint assignments. Of course, since that will be your child's school, they will probably know you already. Again, see the food donations page for more planning-ahead details.

Physical and Mental Waivers:  Again, all Step 2 volunteer service stints are assigned by and at the Food Donation Location, who will be aware of the community revitalization projects within the local area, and of the basic categories of job types to be assigned for each such project. Anyone with a bona fide physical and/or mental disability significant enough to preclude requiring the Step 2 volunteer local service stint may provide any reasonable visual or written confirmation of the same disability to request waiver checkoff of the volunteer service stint and proceed forward to Step 3.

Note:  Team Trump may yet further tweak any program aspect, such as considerations for waiting periods, frequency of program availability, income and/or debt thresholds, and/or whatever else may enhance creation of jobs, household incomes, and other goals.

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