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Step 1 of the $500 Rewards Program - Food Donation:  Donate $25 worth of non-perishable foods, that is, food products which have shelf lives in terms of lasting weeks or months, not spoiling or expiring in just days. Up to $5 of that $25 may optionally be spent upon powdered beverages such as coffee, tea, lemonade, fruit-flavored drinks, and etc., including powdered milk as another example.

Single Purchase, with Clear and Legible Receipt:  Your food items and any optional powdered drink items must be purchased at a regular grocery store or discount store, i.e., regular and reasonable prices to get your money's worth of good value purchased, not picked up at any expensive prices of gas stations, gift shops, convenience stores, or the like. Your minimum $25 purchase of donation items must be a single complete purchase at one location, and not commingled with any other purchases, as you will also need to bring and present the clear and legible store receipt of that purchase with you to the Food Donation Location for verification. Your minimum $25 purchase of donated items must be the total sales price of items before taxes are added on by the store at checkout. You may make purchase of your donation items by any payment method you wish, including SNAP/EBT debit cards if applicable, but please "redact" (mark out, scratch out, black out) any personal information, like a credit card or debit card number, from the face of your store receipt. The name and address of the store, the date of purchase, and the itemized listing of donated items purchased totalling $25 or more before taxes, all must be clearly legible upon your store receipt, easily seen and read for quick verification purposes at your Food Donation Location.

Bring Food, Receipt + Photo ID to Food Donation Location:  Bring your donation items and legible store receipt to your chosen Food Donation Location within seven (7) days of purchase. It must be the original store receipt. No photocopies will be accepted under any circumstances. Approved Food Donation Locations eligible to participate in this program are all those churches, K-12 schools, soup kitchens, brick-and-mortar charities, and such other locations already recognized as of October 1, 2016 as a food bank partner participant, i.e., already registered with the government as a food bank participant entity prior to that date, and/or already recognized by Feeding America, Gleaners, Operation Blessing, other large food redistribution programs, state-run food bank programs, or similar, prior to that date. There are approved Food Donation Locations everywhere across the country and probably several in your local area. Feeding America has a large online listing of food bank locations nationwide, and there are many other such listings available online, or contact your local government for more information. The vast majority of approved Food Donation Locations are some, but not all, neighborhood churches, and most, if not almost all, public and private K-12 schools.

Three Check-In Items/Tasks at the Food Donation Location:  Upon arriving at your Food Donation Location, three things will occur - confirming minimum $25 worth of appropriate non-perishable donation items, plus verifying that by your clear and legible store receipt of purchase made within the prior week. Then also, by using your valid photo ID showing reasonable proximity of your listed residence to that Food Donation Location, it will provide you with a confirmation sheet of your qualifying food donation, and your Step 2 local community service stint/task will be selected and/or assigned, and either directly scheduled with you at that moment for the future date, location, and timeslot of service, or the Food Donation Location will ask for an email address or other mutually-convenient method to send you written notification details of the same Step 2 service stint information soon thereafter (due to the volume of people being processed). Occasionally, the Food Donation Location may be able to have you complete your volunteer service stint right there, on the spot, at the same time as your food donation, depending upon their own parameters and schedule of course.

Physical and Mental Waivers:  Food Donation Locations will be aware of the community revitalization projects within the local area, and of the basic categories of job types to be assigned for each such project. Anyone with a bona fide physical and/or mental disability significant enough to preclude requiring the Step 2 volunteer local service stint may provide any reasonable visual or written confirmation of the same disability to request waiver checkoff of the volunteer service stint and proceed forward to Step 3.

Note:  Team Trump may yet further tweak any program aspect, such as considerations for waiting periods, frequency of program availability, income and/or debt thresholds, and/or whatever else may enhance creation of jobs, household incomes, and other goals.

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