#RTAD - Reaffirming our Bill of Rights:

Speakers - Entertainment - Parades - VIPs - Vendor Foods - Freedom Marches - Networking - Americana - Live Streaming - Facepainting:  Sat, May 17, 2014

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  ObamaCare violates our Bill of Rights.  NSA datamining/spying violates our Bill of Rights.  Overexcessive taxation violates our Bill of Rights.  Having any Dictator with "Czars" violates our Bill of Rights.  Federal spending way beyond its means violates our Bill of Rights.  Overruling our religious conscience violates our Bill of Rights.  Implementing any foreign law system violates our Bill of Rights.  And, the list goes on and on and on...  It's high time for #TATBO - Throw All The Bums Out!

Bill of RightsMost of our natural freedoms, liberties, and rights are officially recognized - and further as guaranteed - via the first ten Amendments to our Federal Constitution, collectively known as our Bill of Rights.  When you hear about "First Amendment" free speech, press, or religious conscience, that's our Bill of Rights.  When you hear of "Second Amendment" gun rights, that is also part of our Bill of Rights.  Click to learn all ten.

Need we really say more??  The current U.S. Federal Government is waaay out of control, ridiculously so, i.e., gross mismanagement, gross negligence, gross breaches of contract (our Founding Documents are a legally binding contract upon The Fed for *properly* managing our nation's affairs..), and so forth and so on...  Accordingly, the stage is fully set for remembering the importance of our Bill of Rights simultaneously all over America, especially at seven highlighted regional cities, including:  Sacramento, Denver, Dallas, Chicago, Jacksonville, DC, and Boston.

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#RTAD - Engage and Participate:

YOU BE THE STAR!YOU BE THE STAR!  Come on out and actually BE one of the speakers at your regional event!  If you can put together any speaking subject, based upon one or more of our Bill of Rights, and time it to just under 5 minutes long, then use the regional event speaker form now to reserve your own time slot!

GOT MUSIC?Got Music? or, Comedy? or, another entertainment that is patriotic, or is otherwise appropriate for these events?  If so, then come on out, perform between 5 to 15 minutes for a large public audience, and just maybe rocket your career to a new level.  Fill out the regional entertainment form now, as there are only some six or seven entertainment time slots available per regional event!

Everybody loves a parade.  If you will be driving your big rig truck cab (no trailers, please), or your bike, trike, hot rod, 4WD, RV, bus, or just about anything besides an average family sedan, you can plan on joining the motorized parade that will cruise by next to the event grounds, starting approximately 1pm local time.  Just listen for announcements at the event for instructions, and/or watch for the big gathering spot.

BRING YOUR PAINTS!Skilled facepainters are encouraged to bring their "A" game, no registration form needed: just show up and do your thing!

Indeed, we'd like to see a few to several facepainters attend each and every event across the nation...  Getting your face painted for an extra fun day isn't just for the kids anymore :)

Note:  To inquire about speaking and/or performing at your state capitol, or other local metro city event, please directly contact those local event organizers, and/or use their ready provided online method(s).  See the Local Events page for current listings with links, and if your favorite city's event is not yet listed, then maybe you will get it going asap.

#RTAD - Seeking 1000 "TEA Party" Candidates:

Will train, support, and equip YOU to run for state or federal office in 2014!

Got the Right Stuff??  Then, decide up now to run for office, and if you are the "God, Country, Family" type of "TEA Party" candidate, an established national political party machine will provide FREE campaign training, FREE campaign materials, AND connect you with all local supporters to help your campaign really take off to victory in 2014.

Second RevolutionThere are only about 8000 people that control this entire nation at federal and state levels, by setting all policies and laws...  The total number of state legislators in the country is 7382, with 100 Senators and 435 Representatives making up our federal Congress, for an overall, grand total of 7917 legislators in America.  Swapping 1000 of those to principled people IS our goal.

If you honestly support every word of the Pledge of Allegiance, i.e., "... and to the republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all", then you must also surely align with the official platform of America's Party, whose Chairman, and 2012 Presidential candidate, Tom Hoefling, will directly provide generous campaign training sessions to you (as a group with other candidates), while the Party leadership will provide campaign materials, resources and local supporters!!

What a deal!  Even better, America's Party is a 'metaparty' political party that works by affiliation, based upon party principles, so you can run for office under any political party label (you can run as a Republican, as an Independent, or under any other party label) as long as you simply maintain alignment with the America's Party platform and principles.  Decide to run, and come announce your candidacy at these events!

New Bonus:  Registered candidates will now also receive FREE training in how best to maximize your internet/online presence and campaign to victory in 2014, by a skilled social marketing professional who has just graciously offered giving group + individual training and consulting.  He will provide several FREE group sessions for all registered candidates, and even provide FREE one-on-one, personalized consulting to individual candidates as time permits.  What a deal!!!  Decide to run, and get registered now.

There's never been a better time for YOU to get elected to state or federal legislative office, nor a more critical need to restore and save America for ourselves and the next generations, let alone the blessed availability of an entire campaign-to-victory package structure and army, ready and willing to equip, support, and help you make it happen!

Register with America's Party as a 2014 state legislative candidate, and we'll double your speaking slot at these regional events (see above Section).  Register as a 2014 candidate for Congress, and we'll triple the time slot upon your request.  Don't forget to bring plenty of biz cards or similar info to pass out, and if you prefer to attend and announce at your favorite Local Event instead, go for that.  To get you started, here are several helpful webpages, including: the FEC's Quick Answers and State Links, Politics1's 2013-2014 Election Calendar, Ballotpedia's state requirements and deadlines for federal candidates, as well as the EAC's state by state links to state elections offices.  Parameters to run for each State's legislative offices change often, and vary widely by State, but simply do research online for your requirements to run for state senator or state representative.  Most are really not that difficult at all.  Run!

#RTAD - Official Colors:  Red, White, and Blue!

Red, White, BlueThe official colors of ALL of these events are, naturally, ... RED, WHITE, and BLUE!

That means the clothes you are wearing at these events should be mostly red, white and/or blue... also, any signs, banners, or similar printed materials should best be mostly done in red, white, and/or blue... and even the window chalk to draw your supporting messages on your vehicle's windows should be red, white, and/or blue...

And, that includes anything else appropriate!  That's ALL events - @ regional + state capitol + other cities - having uniform official colors: red, white, and/or blue.  Got it?

#RTAD - These are Family-Friendly Events:

THESE ARE "G-RATED" EVENTS and kids are obviously welcome, so bring them along, and let them participate in the conservative liberty and freedom atmosphere, let them enjoy being part of the Freedom Marches along with the "grown-ups", let them see the sights and hear the sounds, and generally train them up in the way they should go, so when they are older they will not depart from it.  Does that remind you of anything?

The American DreamEvery typical American family now faces daunting challenges, not only for the parents, with the crushing dilemmas of our Economy, rising unemployment rates, the national homeownership crisis, growing fuel and energy costs, and the prices of nearly everything going up, but it is also becoming tougher and tougher to raise well-adjusted, healthy, and successful children, with decline of society's morals and values, apparently increasing lack of self-responsibilities, lesser church attendance, and with our taxpayer-funded school systems miserably failing the grade.  It's time for repairs!

Indeed, upholding, even fully restoring, our Bill of Rights is all about protecting our nation and way of life for our future generations, not just for the present...  Speaking of government and families, the family court system in our country is routinely illegal with all manner of violations of our Bill of Rights.  In other words, what "ObamaCare" will do (and is already doing) to the nation's healthcare system, is already exampled by the failed federalization of family law that began in the 1970s and got worse ever since.  Fixing that monstrous failed system is part of Restoring The American Dream, because protecting the traditional Judeo-Christian family unit is our key to survival.

If you have one or more children, bring them along to your regional event if you can, or, at least to your own state capitol or local city event.  You'll be glad you did :)

Even if you can't attend an event, make sure your own (any age) children learn their legal rights to protection from government, guaranteed by our nation's Bill of Rights!

#RTAD - Spread The Word!

The bigger, the better...  Spread far the word of these nationwide May 17th, 2014 events to everyone and everywhere you know.  Start making plans to attend your desired event location, and check out your ridesharing options as needed on various groups and other forums.  Decide yourself to run as a principled candidate for office, or at least encourage several others to do so, asap.  Spread the word, far and wide!

Note: This website is under constant construction. So, please don't hesitate to come check back often for important updates, like any new events being planned in (your local area).